Shows in Portland on 12/31/14

Bassnectar after party this Saturday in San Francisco!

Hello everyone!
I’m playing a Bassnectar after party at Supperclub in San Francisco this Saturday night with David Starfire, Drumspyder, Doshy, and a buuuuuuuunch of other awesome musicians!
You can buy tickets here, or you can try playing along in a little contest/game I’m trying out! I made this little flyer (my first attempt!), and will give away 2 tickets to two lucky people at midnight tonight, and another 2 tomorrow!! Just share this picture on whichever social network you prefer, or link back to this post for a chance to win!
p.s. let me know if you enjoy these kinds of games, and I’ll do some more ;) 

Smoke Sutra Tour!

Hey everyone!

SO EXCITED to announce the initial dates for my new EP tour!! Adding lots of other dates, so be sure to check back soon!!



I’m also going to be teaching ableton workshops in a lot of these cities, and I’ll start posting event pages for those as they come in, for now we’ve got these!



SOOOOOO much more coming soon!! Spread the word!! Much love!!!

Burning Man 2012!

You guys get the preview of my burning man schedule first! Here’s what I’ve got so far, still updating so stay tuned!

1 am Tetrion (9:30 and Esplanade)

3 am The Enclave (9:00 and Esplanade)

8 pm Sacred Spaces Village (4:20 and E)
1 am Tahoe Tessie (art car)

5 pm Camp Ego Trip (9:15 and G)
10 pm Basscouch (10:00 and K)
2 am Basshenge (2:00 and D)

12 am Tsunami Bass (10:00 and J)
2 am RevoFuckinLution (9:00 and A)

12 am Dust Fish (8:00 and Esplanade)

More coming sooooooooon!!!

Electric Forest

Words can’t describe how awesome electric forest was. It was so good, it may have ruined festivals for me haha! I have so much love for everyone involved, and all of the amazing people who came to my sets! Both sets were the best I’ve ever played!

I’m gonna keep updating this as they come in, but here are some videos from the festival, and articles:

From my set in the sollun:

and the articles:

Interview with Unified Funk Option:

Interview with Indy Mojo

Interview with The Printed Blog:

New Track with Boolean – Free for Download!!

Boolean and I made this tune a while back, we hope you enjoy it!

We worked on this tune for 3 days in SF, then sent files back and forth after he returned to San Diego. Lots of love, sweat, and tears went into this one folks! For those three days, we barely slept, and were motivated by how awesome the track was! It turned out really well :)

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